Whatever age, whatever ability you can build an AK sportscar

Like any other meaningful project, building kit cars from the ground up gives you an irreplaceable sense of achievement.

So if you’re thinking of joining AK family, we’ve got your back! The car of your dreams awaits!

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If you’re looking to drive something unique, affordable, and to your own specifications WHILE gaining the satisfaction of building it from the ground up, look no further our team will help you on your way to creating your dream car.

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Never built a car kit before?

AK Sportscars is the perfect choice, whether you are a first-time builder or have experience! This will give you the greatest satisfaction a car lover could get. Check out the rest of our website to get started.


One of our most frequent questions is…

“I have not built a car before. What’s involved?”

No problem. The AK 427 build does not require you to have a rocket scientist degree. For 80% of our customers, this is their first ever car build. The AK 427 can be assembled in a single garage by a complete novice. Both the AK build manual and expert guidance is available to you throughout the build.

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So ready to start building your kit car?

We have a total of three kit options to choose from. Or of course if you’d rather, you could enjoy one of our pre-built cars to your spec!

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Always expect a top-quality composite body with AK!

We use the highest quality glass fibre and extremely high-temperature resin to ensure we achieve very smooth lines with no sags, bumps or ripples.