Happy Easter from the AK sportscar team

Wishing everyone a meaningful Easter holidays! Where are you taking your AK sportscar for spring?

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Who’s taking their AK for a spin today? I definitely am!

If you haven’t got started on your AK visit the rest of our website to find out where to start. Whether a first time builder or experienced, we’ll help with everything you need.

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Here’s a throwback because we’ve certainly missed attending car shows lately! Which show is your most memorable?

We are all excited for when lockdown ends and car shows start up again!

Here’s another frequently asked question:

“What is the ride quality like?”

Answer: The ride quality is suitable for everyday use, long-distance touring and track events. With fully adjustable shock absorbers the ride quality can be altered by changing the damper settings in a matter of minutes from comfortable road settings to track day settings.

More FAQs answered on our website here  aksportscars.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions

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