Why not join in and have some fun in your own cobra

Why not join in and have some fun in your own cobra. Become one of the cars in convoy. Turning every head in sight. Find out more on our extensive kits. If you are interested why not have a browse at one of our brochures and CD manuals. Get in contact and we will post one out, make those dreams a reality.

Want to wake up each day to an AK in your garage? Start the process of building your own now and be ready for next spring.. Contact AK for a full self build information pack 01733267633.

We all have different tastes and all have a vision of what our dream car looks like, however as our motto has always been, your dream is our passion. We take such pride in all we do. Imagine turning up to the pub, ordering your drink, turning around to see the most beautiful car, that your very hands made sitting looking absolutely flawless – life couldn’t get better than that surely.

Take a look at our Services page for prices and info. Current customers have access to our exclusive members log in. If you are a member and want to see what you are missing. look here… https://www.aksportscars.co.uk/ak-members/

If you have thought about owning an AK but aren’t up for building it yourself and you can’t justify a brand new car. Have a look at our second hand cobras.. https://www.aksportscars.co.uk/ak-427-cars-for-sale/

Saying sweet dreams at night to your own cobra is one of the best ends to any night.

Some of the parts we offer…

Tired of looking at those big black stalk ends? Fancy a small and easy job to tidy them up? Order your stalk ends today to get it done before a weekend of cars and pubs!

Ready for the rain this week on your essential journey? Would you like to book in for a hood and tonneau fit? CALL US – 01733267633.

Is your door trim starting to look worn? Easy to fit replacement trim available from our stores.

Fitting the brake and clutch lines must be one of the most satisfying jobs, making sure they’re neat tidy and in line. Want to have a go yourself? Order your kit today.

The LS3’s are one of the more popular engines fitted in the cobra. You can totally see why…


Who’s going to be starting their journey towards building their dream car with AK this month!? We’d love to help you on your way!