Standard Body/Chassis Kit

Our Standard body/chassis kit is the most comprehensive package on the market.  The chassis is designed to take the Jaguar XJ6/XJS running gear with the inboard rear brakes.  It is a ladder type chassis with partial backbone and full steel lowered floors. The body is pre-fitted to the chassis and all internal panels (inner wheel arches, tub and boot) bonded into place. The doors and bonnet are all pre-hung to ensure the correct fit. No fibreglass and resin skills required. Engine and gearbox mounts are welded to the chassis and roll bar mounts pre-fitted to customer requirements. The chassis is then powder coated as standard in satin black.

Stoneleigh2012 033
  • Ladder type chassis with partial backbone and full steel lowered floors
  • Body finished in grey gel coat (colours as double gel finish available as an optional extra)
  • Scuttle hoop bonded in to full inner tub
  • Body temporarily bolted to chassis with doors and bonnet pre-hung
  • Top and bottom radiator frame
  • Steering arms
  • Front shock absorber mounting plates
  • Engine and gearbox mounting plates
  • Wiper motor bracket (fitted to scuttle hoop)
  • Steering column bracket ( fitted to scuttle hoop)
  • Available as LHD
  • Handbrake mounting bracket
  • Handbrake cable
  • Shortened triangulated rear wishbones (exchange)
  • Shortened drive shafts (exchange)
  • Roll bar mountings
  • Front and rear nudge bar mounting brackets
  • Dashboard (blank)
  • Interior trim panels
  • Glove box moulding
  • All body holes marked or pre-cut
  • Holes drilled and tapped for door locks
  • Rear diff mounting bracket
  • Build Manual on CD

£5800 + VAT

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