Only 20 weeks until our annual AK Open Day!

Its been a busy week here at AK. January has felt about 72 days long! So you’ll all be please to know its only 20 weeks until our annual AK Open Day! Plenty of Cars, BBQ, Beers, Sun, Laughs dreaming already? Us too! Put 14th June 2020 in your calendar.


Ak Open Day

Some winter sunshine cheeky winter play day.

Sometimes it isn’t just the other drivers on the road to watch out for, even the cows mooch out of the fields to admire the cobras.

Cows Aprreciating The Cobra

Have you thought about having all your shiny parts ceramic coated? Or fancy everything black but the exhaust? Get in touch to find out more on how to get this done.

Shiny Cobras Kit Cars