About AK Sportscars

AK Sportscars Ltd – otherwise known as  Neil (the new boss), Jon (the technical boss), Wendi (the office boss), Bob (the Workshop Supervisor),  Carl (the Laminator), Phil (the Welder), Dan (the Welder/Laminator)  Danni (the Car Builder), Carrie (the Receptionist/Administrator), Tom (the Vehicle Technician), Elka (the Office Administrator) and Molly (the part time Events Assistant) and finally Ed (the computer system creator) This is the AK team.  An average family affair – NO – we are passionate about our products – the AK 427, AKSS and the AK40.

It all started in the mid 80’s when Ken (the ‘K’ in ‘AK’ also Jon’s Dad) decided to build a kit car. Never one to do things the easy way he spent 18 months making his own pattern and moulds, being unhappy with anything available quality wise then on the UK market.  He along with a good friend Alan Frew (the ‘A’ in ‘AK’), who was in the fabricating business, then produced the Standard AK chassis. Although it started as a hobby, demand steadily grew until a decision had to be made whether to continue his existing glass fibre laminating business or go full time into kit manufacturing. Obviously the car had WON and AK Sportscars was born!!!

Ak Staff

Production slowly increased so son’s Dan and Jon and wife Lynda joined Ken.

Next to join the “family business” was Wendi, enlisted to keep everyone and the finances in order.  Carrie and Elka who are the first point of contact at AK HQ both hold the office together as our Receptionist and Office Administrator.

In the AK workshop we have Carl our Laminator and Phil our Welder  who keep the body & chassis kits going out on time, with help from Dan our Welder/Laminator.

In the AK Build Area we have Danni (Jon & Wendi’s eldest daughter) & Tom who are our Car Builders & Vehicle Technicians, who create the rolling Chassis & the factory built cars. Neil joined the AK clan as Director to help push the AK expansion forward with our two new exciting new car models the AKSS & the AK40!!  We are also regularly joined with a helping hand from Molly (Jon and Wendi’s youngest daughter) whom you will meet at various AK events and shows and Ed (Neil’s eldest son) who is the creator of our bespoke computer system, which is currently being installed to ensure the whole AK operation runs smoothly.  We are now over 35 years on from Ken making his first Cobra and now producing in excess of 40 kits a year, so it’s a real team effort.

This is the AK Sportscars team, where each member plays their own role to make our business and the cars some of the most respected in the industry.

The whole AK team are passionate about all our AK cars!! We think this shines through when you meet us.


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Jon Freeman

Managing Director

Jon who trained as a carpenter started helping his Dad, Ken at AK in the early 1990’s before joining him full time in 1998. Jon’s passions other than playing in the cobras include motorcycles. He has a few old bikes in his garage he has renovated and also enjoys both road and track action on the more modern super bikes too. Jon took up the non motorised sport of road cycling seven years ago and can regularly be found wearing lycra reaching top speeds of over 68 mph on the down hills in the Alps !!! A little slower than on 4 wheels in “Apple” one of the AK demo cars!!!!

Wendi 400x600

Wendi Freeman

Chief Operating Officer

Wendi who trained as an electrical engineer and later as a nurse started helping out AK Sportscars at exhibitions back in 1993 and joined the AK crew full time in 2009. Wendi like Jon can also be found clad in lycra but chooses to spend more time on her bike in the garage on a turbo trainer as part of her exercise regime. When not on her bike you may find her jogging or walking round the local villages. She does ease up on the exercise to play in the AK demo car and is easily recognizable by the mass of hair flying in all directions as she goes past, usually sporting an excited wave!

Nj Ak 001

Dr Neil Johnson


Neil is the newest member of the AK team, joining forces with Jon at the AK helm. His background includes a distinguished career in Ophthalmic Surgery although his passion has always been motorcars. Neil built his first AK 427 recreation in 2008 closely followed by a GT 40 and has just completed a Ferrari Dino. Neil and Jon have developed and created over the past year the latest AK model the AKSS. It is fair to say he is a real petrol head! Neil is also Principal Oboist of the Norfolk Symphony Orchestra. There is no end to his talents!!! He is kept young by his two sons Ed and Roly, who both get involved in their Dad’s passion for cars.

Carrie Ak 002

Carrie Agger


Carrie joined the AK team in March 2019. Carrie’s background was is the insurance sector before becoming a full time Mum to her two handsome boys Jack and Will. Both boys are car fanatics which Carrie blames on their Godparents (Wendi and Jon!). Carrie is always happy to help and will have a coffee in your hand as soon as you arrive at AK HQ. She is learning fast about all the different car parts and has now become the AK note writing champion.

Bob 400x600

Bob Henning

Workshop Supervisor

Bob trained as a carpenter working at Fairline boats and joined AK in 2012 as a glass fibre laminator. He worked up and is now our workshop manager. Bob has always had an interest in mechanics and is happy when stripping, modifying and rebuilding engines. Bob is keen on DIY and always has a project on at home. He has enjoyed the challenge of learning to mig and tig weld at AK. Bob is a single dad to Sam who can also be found helping out at AK on open days and exhibitions when she is not working.

Carl From Ak Sportscars

Carl Marshall


Carl joined AK in January 2019. He worked for Fairline Boats in Oundle for many years helping to create many swish top of the range boats. He met Jon (AK’s MD) when they were both in their early teenage years and they soon starting tweaking motorcycles to gain more power and headaches for their parents. Carl has recently returned from living in Spain for 20 years. He loves doing up old Lambretta’s and is a perfect addition to the AK clan with his mechanical mind. Carl always has a smile on his face and a very cheeky giggle.

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Phil Renault


Phil joined AK in May 2017. He has been a welder since leaving school many moons ago. Phil has a passion for cars and his daily drive into work is in his 1969 triumph herald which always makes Wendi smile watching his six foot frame extracting himself out the drivers door on his arrival to work. Phil is Dad to four children, Brandon, Evie, Archie and Scarlett ranging in ages from 6 to 12 so much of his free time is spent with his clan or tinkering with his car. He is a great member of the AK team and fitted in perfectly enjoying and always part of the banter in the workshop… Don’t ask if he is a little jumpy though!!!

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Danni Freeman

Car Builder

Danni has been a part of AK since birth, being Jon and Wendi’s eldest daughter she did not get any choice ha ha. She would regularly join Mum and Dad to help in the AK office and workshop during her school holidays to earn her pocket money. Danni has worked in the automotive sector in various roles since leaving college and has now joined the family business full time learning to build the AK 427’s from the art of glass fibre to welding chassis parts.


Tom Harvey

Vehicle Technician

Tom joined AK in July 21. He comes from the motorsport industry where he worked for Palmersport for over 6 years, ensuring all the race cars were ready to play. Tom is a car fanatic and is often found on a track in his VW Golf, although you may have to look nearer to any pond should there be one near the track!! LOL. Tom won many events racing in the clubman sport 1600 series and helped gain his college a win in the National Sports Car Championship. He is very keen to start building the new AK40 car, this being his dream car! Tom is great fun and fits just perfectly into the team. He is also full of banter so do not let him mislead you into thinking he is the quiet one in the AK workshop!!!

Daniel Costigan


Dan started in October 2021.

Elka Scott

Office Administrator

Elka started in October 2021.

Molly 400x600

Molly Freeman

Part time Events Assistant

Molly started at AK Sportscars aged 4 months!!!! Attending her first Stoneleigh kit car show with Mum (Wendi), Dad (Jon) and Grandad (Ken). She has always shown an interest in any motorised vehicle and speed, crashing her first quad bike aged 3!!!! Molly is always on hand for large events at AK and often surprises herself with her knowledge of the AK 427.